General Sessions

Keynote: Developing Modern Data Applications Using the Power of AI with Azure Databases


11:00am - 12:00pm

Level: Everyone

Davide Mauri

Principal Product Manager


Bob Ward

Principal Architect, Microsoft Azure Data


All developers are looking for an edge to build applications that are data-driven and harness the power AI. Azure Databases provide a range of options for secure, scalable, and highly available data applications using all the latest languages with the power of Azure. This session will show you when and where to use the family of Azure Databases including Azure SQL Database, Azure Database for PostgreSQL, Azure Cosmos DB, and Azure Database for MySQL. You will see how to build applications to power AI applications driven by data and also AI technologies that speed up your development and improve quality with Microsoft Copilot technologies. You will also see various new options on how to use new techniques to access data with less code and integrate your data with Microsoft Fabric.

You will learn:

  • When and where to use various Azure Database choices
  • How to build-driven AI applications and how to use Copilot experiences to improve the developer experience
  • New experiences on how to access your data to save time and code