Native Client

T06 Lessons Learned from Real World Xamarin.Forms Projects


9:30am - 10:45am

Level: Intermediate

Nick Landry

Senior Software Engineer


Sometimes it's not the 101 tutorials you need to help you in your development journey, but to just talk to someone who has experience in implementing that technology in the real world. What are the gotchas, things to avoid or best practices others have learned that can give you a leg up in implementing a new technology within your current architecture? This session will cover real-world considerations in Xamarin.Forms projects such as UI design considerations when sharing a user experience across iOS, Android and Windows, including navigation paradigms, styling, and supporting older versions. You'll also look at code-sharing pitfalls and best practices, choosing an MVVM framework, application resource sharing, and leveraging plugins and the Dependency Service to leverage platform-specific code. Finally, you'll talk about mobile DevOps, including source control in a cross-platform environment, gathering application analytics, crash logs, and handling app flighting during development and beta testing. Come learn from a wealth of knowledge accumulated in real-world cross-platform projects, and get ready to build your own.

You will learn:

  • About the key decisions that must be taken before undertaking a mobile cross-platform project
  • Best practices for Xamarin.Forms derived from experiences on real-world business applications
  • About the role of DevOps in mobile app development, and how to implement a successful mobile DevOps strategy