Database and Analytics

TH06 Secrets of SQL Server - Database Worst Practices


9:30am - 10:45am

Level: Intermediate

Pinal Dave

SQL Server Performance Tuning Expert

"Uh oh! What did I do?" Chances are you have heard, or even uttered, this expression. This demo-oriented session will show many examples where database professionals were dumbfounded by their own mistakes, and could even bring back memories of your own early DBA days. The goal of this session is to expose small details that can be dangerous to the production environment and SQL Server as a whole, as well as talk about worst practices and how to avoid them. This session will focus on some of the common errors and how to resolve them. Developers will walk out with scripts and knowledge they can apply to their servers, immediately after the session.

You will learn:

  • About some of the worst practices which produce incorrect results, such as incorrect joins, datatype mismatch, and so on.
  • About some of the worst practices which produce slow results, such as implicit conversion, random index mismatch, and so on
  • Performance tuning best practices with SQL Server 2016–Cardinality estimate, In-Memory Optimization, and soon