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HOL03 Full Day Hands-On Lab: Busy Developer's HOL on Angular


9:00am - 6:00pm

Level: Intermediate

Ted Neward


Neward and Associates

In the world of the Single-Page Application (SPA), one name that appears over and over is AngularJS, a JavaScript web framework that does things a little differently – and with great effect. But getting started with AngularJS is a higher bar than some other JavaScript frameworks, because if you don't do things the "Angular Way," it gets really tricky really quickly. In this Hands-On Lab, you'll start from zero, with a little TypeScript, then start working with Angular 2: its core constructs and how it works with components, modules, and of course the ubiquitous model/view/controller approach. Bring your laptop, a buddy, and a caffeinated beverage of your choice, because once you strap in, it's going to be an exciting hands-on, lecture/lab ride.

Attendance is limited.

Attendee Requirements:
You must provide your own laptop computer for this hands-on lab.

Any development laptop with NodeJS v5.x.x (or greater) and npm v3.x.x (or greater) installed before arriving. (Check the versions by opening a command-line terminal and typing "node –v" and "npm –v".) Visual Studio Code is recommended, but not required.