Visual Studio / .NET Framework

TH23 Improving Quality for Agile Projects Through Manual and Automated UI Testing - NO CODING REQUIRED!


2:45pm - 4:00pm

Level: Introductory

Mike Douglas

Solution Consultant

Deliveron Consulting Services

Every application needs testing, but are you testing consistently and thoroughly? Is your testing tightly integrated with the development process? Are you using automated regression tests to help ensure changes do not cause unintended issues?

Many organizations face these common challenges:

  • Applications in production have too many bugs
  • There is no capability to effectively measure quality
  • Teams run out of time or bandwidth to test thoroughly
  • There is no strategy for improving quality and testing
  • Automated tests are slow to run and are fragile, which makes them difficult to maintain

Attend this testing-focused session to better understand your testing maturity while learning how and why to continue advancing your testing processes. See how an agile test strategy takes desirements (user stories) and turns them into executable specifications (automated UI tests). All of this with no coding required.