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F01 Workshop: ASP.NET Core: Upgrade Your Skills


8:00am - 5:00pm

Mark Michaelis

Chief Software Architect


ASP.NET Core is the web development platform of the future. Have you barely scratched the surface of this brave new world but want to dive in? Quickly acquire the concepts and tools for ASP.NET Core based on your MVC experience. This course will help you vault over the steep learning curve and into productive development with ASP.NET Core.

Upgrade these practical skills:

  • Why did my cheese move? Understand the shortcomings of ASP.NET 4 and the solutions provided in ASP.NET Core
  • Understand the new project architecture and structure with best practices
  • Understand the pros and cons of cross platform development
  • Leverage ASP.NET CORE MVC and Web API in the unified controller model
  • Understand configuration, the pipeline, startup, and dependency injection
  • The benefits of using Entity Framework Core
  • Understand the role of NuGet and Bower in package management
  • Create Gulp powerful build scripts with NPM packages
  • Configure tools for TypeScript, ES6, minification, and bundling
  • Deploy ASP.NET Core using the new build infrastructure
  • ASP.NET Core Internals: from CLRs, hosting models, command line tools, Roslyn, and more

    Attend this workshop to jumpstart your ASP.NET Core development and catapult you to immediate productivity instead of wallowing in the surprise of change.