W09 Understanding the Power of ASP.NET MVC vNext


10:45am - 12:00pm

Level: Intermediate

Ben Hoelting

Senior Technologist


The next version of ASP.NET MVC is a completely open source composable framework for building cloud and Web applications. So what does that mean to you? This session will dive into the new features and explain why this is such a big deal to the ASP.NET community. We'll dive into the best new features of MVC 6. The session will also explain how to migrate\upgrade from previous versions of MVC or even from ASP.NET Web Forms. Join this talk to get up to speed with the latest innovations related to .NET based web application development.

You will learn:

  • Why this is such an innovative release of ASP.NET MVC
  • The key new features ASP.NET MVC
  • Understand any breaking changes that might affect upgrading to this version