Cross Platform Mobile

W16 Mobile + Cloud: Using the Windows Azure Toolkit for Mobile Devices


4:00 pm - 5:15 pm

Eric Boyd

Eric D. Boyd

Founder and CEO


Most consumers expect cloud services without ever thinking about “The Cloud.” As consumers, we use services like Gmail, Dropbox, twitter and even Xbox Live and we expect our information to be available from any location and on all of our devices. When creating quality, mobile apps, we should provide a similar experience because our customers expect it. The Cloud enables startups and mobile developers to provide the same user experience as large enterprises and Fortune 500 companies. It levels the playing field and eliminates the upfront investment previously required for servers and data centers.

In this session we will look at the common scenarios for incorporating Cloud services into your mobile apps. We will walk through Platform as a Service (PaaS) and Windows Azure and get equipped with the necessary tools to build cloud services for our mobile apps using Windows Azure. Next, we will explore how to create Windows Phone apps with Windows Azure services and check out some tools to help with Windows Phone development.

You will learn:

  • Benefits of combining Mobile apps with the Cloud
  • Scenarios and Patterns for Mobile + Cloud
  • How to get started using the Windows Azure Toolkit for Mobile Devices