Visual Studio 2010+/.NET 4+

TH20 Creating LightSwitch Control Extensions


3:00 pm - 4:15 pm

Level: Intermediate to Advanced

Michael Washington


Visual Studio LightSwitch allows developers to create advanced Silverlight applications quickly and easily using LightSwitch Control Extensions. A LightSwitch Control Extension is installed into LightSwitch, and designed to be re-used in multiple LightSwitch applications. They can be consumed by LightSwitch application developers who are not advanced programmers. You can create and use LightSwitch Control Extensions either to sell, or to be consumed by your company or organization.

You will learn:

  • How to set-up your development environment and debug your LightSwitch Control Extensions
  • How to package and distribute your LightSwitch Control Extension.
  • How to create each of the 5 types of LightSwitch Control Extensions:
  • Value - Represents a content item for a specific scalar data type.
  • Details - Represents a content item for an entity or complex type.
  • Command - Represents a content item for initiating an action (Button or Hyperlink).
  • Collection - Represents a collection content item (Grid or Tree Control).
  • Group - Represents a group content item (TableLayout or RowsLayout).