TH02 Entity Framework 4.3 for Real Web Applications


8:00 am - 9:15 am

Level: Introductory to Intermediate

Adam Tuliper

Principal Software Engineer, DX


There are many demos on the Internet for using the Entity Framework but few seem to address good architectural project structures to use the Entity Framework in a layered application. This talk will show a well structured Visual Studio solution to use the Entity Framework in a new ASP.Net Web Forms and MVC application. In addition this talk will go over Code-First and DB/Model First scenarios, POCO entities, the Repository Pattern, Object Contexts/DbContext, querying, and MVC vs. Web Forms implementation differences and the new Code Migrations feature of 4.3

You will learn:

  • How to setup Entity Framework Projects without mixing everything in one project
  • How to utilize the new features of EF 4.3 immediately in your web applications
  • How the entity framework can be used in web applications
  • How the new Code Migrations feature can be used to migrate database and model changes