Software Practices

W17 Testability in .NET


2:30pm - 3:45pm

Level: Introductory to Intermediate

Jason Bock

MVP (C#)

Staff Software Engineer

Rocket Mortgage

Unit testing is a mature concept. The software development community as a whole has embraced the idea and encourages other developers to write tests. However, there's still a substantial amount of code out there that isn't being tested. Even if tests are being written, developers may not understand how to write them effectively or know how specific test-related frameworks work. In this session, you'll dive deep into unit testing in .NET. I'll cover different testing frameworks and their specific capabilities, what mock objects provide, and why you should use assertion frameworks. I'll also provide guidance for writing effective unit tests.

You will learn:

  • See what is available for developers to help them write clear unit tests
  • Gain a deep understanding of testing and mocking frameworks
  • Obtain guidance on unit testing strategies