Web Client

T01 TypeScript: The Future of Front End Web Development


8:00am - 9:15am

Level: Intermediate

Ben Hoelting

Development Manager

Ent Credit Union

TypeScript is the real deal. Many developers have heard of TypeScript, but most have never used it in production. Many C# developers hate JavaScript. The reason for their hatred has nothing to do with JavaScript but with the lack of tooling and language features. TypeScript is a language developed by the creators of C# that compiles to JavaScript. This session will dive into TypeScript and discuss some of the language features it provides on top of normal JavaScript. Between the IDE enhancements in VS and the language features of TypeScript, you will see that JavaScript development can be fun.

You will learn:

  • A definition of TypeScript
  • New TypeScript Features in VS
  • How to use VS and TypeScript to make production quality applications