ALM / DevOps

W20 Brownfields DevOps in Practice


4:30pm - 5:45pm

Level: Intermediate

Damian Brady

Cloud DevOps Advocate


Are you ready to continuously deploy every commit to production release and deploy up to 25 times a day? Can your operations team tear down and spin up VMs and containers for your app like they're nothing? Can your company track production usage and toggle features at the whims of the marketing department? No?

You know it's not quite that easy. You can't take an existing house-of-cards monolith and just start treating it like a unicorn, as much as you would like to. As a developer, though, you can start to make practical inroads. And you can do it now. This session examines DevOps culture from the point of view of a developer – how code changes can affect your organization's agility. The session will cover architectural changes, design techniques, deployment pipelines, and how to make large changes safely. Developers at any level will leave with some practical ways to support your company's DevOps efforts and start working better with your ops team.

You will learn:

  • The first principles behind a good DevOps pipeline and how they can be applied to legacy software
  • Specific coding and architectural changes that attendees can make right now to start improving the DevOps story for their existing applications
  • Specific changes that can be made to a development team's process to enable faster delivery of existing codebases to production