Web Client

T02 Angular 2 - The 75 Minute Crash Course


9:15am - 10:30am

Level: Introductory

Chris Klug

Senior Software Developer


Angular has been one of the top honchos when it comes to JavaScript SPA frameworks for quite some time – way too long for being a JavaScript framework. It has been around long enough to be considered a dinosaur. Looking at the GitHub repo is like an archeologic JavaScript excavation. The answer to being an ancient technology is obviously to release a new version – a new version that somewhat resembles the one that made it a household name. And with this new version move to a new language, a new way to load it, a new way to structure it and a new set of tools. Some might even argue this new framework should have another name; that it's not truly a successor to Angular. It doesn't really matter what people think. It will be big. It will be useful. It will be a big part of the future of web.

This session will take you from barely being able to spell Angular 2 to understanding the development environment, the tools, and the overall architecture. You'll even see Angular 2 code being composed in front of you. As you walk out of the session, you will be ready to go into battle armed with Angular knowledge. And you will have an urge to geek out in front of your computer for hours with Angular 2.