T09 What You Need To Know About ASP.NET Core 1 and ASP.NET MVC


2:45pm - 4:00pm

Level: Intermediate

Rachel Appel

Senior Developer Evangelist


ASP.NET has experienced a huge and often confusing overhaul in version 5 including the fact that ASP.NET version 5 includes MVC version 6. Except now MVC 6 is ASP.NET Core MVC and ASP.NET is now ASP.NET Core 1. Many things have been changed around and upside down. As an ASP.NET web developer, you need to keep up with this ever changing technology. In this session, we'll do just that. We'll look at the major changes in ASP.NET how Web Forms, Web Pages, MVC, and Web API all fit together now and in the future. We'll look at what to do with your existing ASP.NET code. Then we'll examine many new features such as self-hosting, cross platform capabilities, .NET Core, and Web API changes. Let's not forget tooling and NuGet too. We'll also review other important features such as the new MVC templates and libraries that enable loosely coupled design, dependency injection, modular architecture, and more. If it's something important that you need to know to get your day to day work done in ASP.NET, you'll learn about it in this session!

You will learn:

  • Learn about the new features in ASP.NET
  • Learn about major platform changes in ASP.NET
  • FAQs about the latest ASP.NET version