The Core of .NET, Fast Focus

VST06 Fast Focus: Reaqtor - High Volume Event Processing with Rx's Big Brother


1:30pm - 1:50pm

Level: Introductory

Ian Griffiths

Technical Fellow


Rx.NET, the Reactive Extensions for .NET have offered an event-driven programming model for .NET applications for a decade, but for years, the Microsoft kept its high-scale, persistent, reliable, server-side implementation of Rx, "Reactor" for its own internal use. In 2021, this code was finally released (now spelled "Reaqtor"). In this talk you will learn about this technology which has supported tens of millions of concurrent users in some of Microsoft's flagship products. You'll see how it has been applied to IoT applications, to monitor millions of devices in a broadband network, and also to environmental monitoring applications.

You will learn:

  • Discover the kinds of high-volume, global-scale event-driven systems Reaqtor can build
  • Understand Reaqtor's capabilities and operational model
  • How the Reaqtor components Microsoft has made available fit into a real solution