The Core of .NET

VSTH03 A Data Access Layer You're Proud of without Entity Framework


8:00am - 9:15am

Level: Intermediate

Jonathan "J." Tower

Partner & Principal Consultant

Trailhead Technology Partners

If you're a .NET developer, it almost goes without saying that you use Entity Framework as part of the data access code on your software projects. Sometimes, EF is just right for the job, but other times you want something more simple, with better control of the generated SQL queries, and more performant. Over the years, several micro-ORMs (object relationship mappers) have evolved for just this purpose. Sometimes the simplest solution is the best one.

I'd like to walk you through a few of the more popular .NET micro-ORM options so you can see how you can make a simple, high-performance, and easy to use data access layer that you can be proud of.

You will learn:

  • About micro-ORMs and their advantages over EF
  • How to architect a data access layer using a micro-ORM, including the CQRS pattern (Command Query Responsibility Segregation)
  • Attendee with compare and contrast several popular micro-ORMs