Debugging: Visual Studio 2017 Aims To Speed Up Your Least Favorite Job

Howdy readers, Lafe here. About once a month, my partner in crime, Rich Seeley, will be doing technical takeovers of this blog. Here's his first contribution, focusing on debugging in Visual Studio 2017.

Debugging isn’t the favorite part of the job for most developers, but the newest version of Visual Studio is at least trying to make it faster.


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Defining DevOps with Donovan Brown

Visual Studio Live! Co-Chair Brian Randell caught up with Microsoft’s DevOps guy Donovan Brown to hear what he’s been doing and thinking lately.

You hear the phrase DevOps used a lot these days, but you may wonder what it really means, how important it is and what you should do about it for your development efforts. Donovan Brown can help. Brown is a Principal Program Manager at Microsoft. In that position, he is responsible for the DevOps vision for Team Foundation Server and Visual Studio. If you’ve heard him speak, you know he is clearly passionate about DevOps. And if you haven’t heard him speak, you’ll have another chance soon. He’ll be speaking again at Visual Studio Live! in Las Vegas this March 13-17.


Posted by Brian Randell on 02/02/20170 comments

Several of the Best ASP.NET Blogs We've Found

There's certainly no shortage of resources on-line when it comes to ASP.NET. In fact, diving into all the ASP.NET blogs out there can be a bit overwhelming at first. There are so many individual bloggers and posts. Many are "official" Microsoft blogs or blogs run by Microsoft insiders, but that certainly doesn't mean they lack substance or value. Even the official Microsoft blogs mentioned here are more substance than sizzle, more source code than sales pitch.


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Get Sharp and Stay Sharp: C# Books

Being a developer isn’t easy. Learning new languages isn’t easy. Mastering your language of choice isn’t easy. Thankfully, for all these endeavors, there is help available. If you’re looking to start or beef up your library of C# books, here are a few you won’t want to miss.

C# 5.0 in a Nutshell: The Definitive Reference


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Visual Studio Live! 2017: Rock Your Code Tour Preview

The Visual Studio Live! events in 2017 are all part of an epic Rock Your Code Tour! We're highlighting each "tour" location's unique, iconic musical heritage with our theme this year. So here’s a look at where—and when—this tour takes us in 2017.

Las Vegas, March 13-17, 2017: Bally's Hotel & Casino

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Phil Japikse Q&A, Part 2: "Big A" vs. "Little a" Agile Framework

When you start talking about agile development, chances are Phil Japikse’s name will come up. Among other things, he's been heavily involved in the agile community since 2005, and has some strong opinions about what it means and how it can apply.

As a continuation to Part 1 of our recent Q&A session with him, here are Phil's thoughts on another current development trend, "Big A" agile vs. "Little a" agile framework.


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Phil Japikse Q&A, Part 1: ASP.NET Core & Current Web Development Trends

While he’s always looking at and learning new things, Phil Japikse is a C# guy at heart.

That’s how he does what he does. In fact, he's a co-author of the best-selling book, "C# and the .NET 4.6 Framework." You even can see him speak at the next Visual Studio Live! event from September 26-29 in Anaheim, CA.


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Great .NET Blogs to Follow: Part 2

There continues to be a lot of change in the .NET world.

With Microsoft open sourcing your favorite framework with .NET Core and the companion ASP.NET Core, things are changing rapidly—even for the tech world. You might need some outside help keeping up with the changes and the new ways you can use .NET Core.

Luckily the .NET blogosphere always rises to the occasion. As a follow-up to Part 1 last month, here are some more of the best .NET blogs to follow:


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#VSLive Redmond 2016 Live Stream: 15 Sessions You Don't Want to Miss

When Visual Studio Live! lands at Microsoft Headquarters in Redmond, WA, August 8 – 12, the conference keynotes and select sessions will be live streamed on Microsoft’s Channel 9.

So if there’s something you need to review, or if you couldn’t bring your whole team to Redmond for the event, your colleagues can virtually attend many of the same sessions you’ll be seeing live.


Posted by Lafe Low on 08/02/20160 comments

Great .NET Blogs to Follow: Part 1

The world of .NET continues to evolve and expand. And, as such, that means there’s a lot to keep up with.

But you don’t necessarily want to just dive in without a "net," so to speak. (Hence, our other recent recommendation-based posts on must-read programming books, great C# blogs to follow, and more.)


Posted by Lafe Low on 07/20/20160 comments

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