Visual Studio Live! Call for Presentations

The Call for Presentations for Visual Studio Live! Orlando, part of Live! 360,   is now open

Presentations are due: Friday, April 25, 2014 5:00 PST

Submit your proposals here:

Visual Studio Live! (November 17-21, 2014 at the Royal Pacific Resort in Orlando, Florida) provides real-world, practical information and training to attendees with the cutting-edge techniques needed to solve development challenges with existing Microsoft products, shipping or soon-to-be shipping technologies compatible with the .NET Framework and Visual Studio.

We expect a number of exciting announcements at Build 2014, and are open to topics relative to those announcements.
Visual Studio Live! invites you to submit proposals for our upcoming event that are suited to our educational foci, including (but not limited to):
Visual Studio / .NET

  • Visual Studio 2013 features
  • New language features
  • ALM Features
  • Async development techniques
  • Visual Studio LightSwitch in VS 2013, including HTML5 client applications

Windows Client (Windows 8.1/WinRT, WPF)

  • Windows 8.1 (or latest) UI applications with .NET + XAML
  • Windows 8.1 (or latest) UI applications with JavaScript, WinJS + HTML + CSS3
  • Building applications with Azure and WinRT
  • Targeting ARM processors
  • Using Visual Studio 2013, Expression Blend and .NET 4.5
  • Deploying to the Windows store and managing your sales and downloads
  • Sideloading LOB applications to Windows 8 and Windows RT
  • WPF, Silverlight, XAML, Expression Blend
  • Building touch-enabled WPF applications

JavaScript/HTML5 Client

  • Single-page application development
  • Programming
    • Anything new/exciting from Build 2014
    • TypeScript
    • Offline apps, database storage, and data entry enhancements
    • jQuery and other base-level frameworks
    • jQueryUI and other UI level frameworks
    • Extensions to ECMAScript/JavaScript
    • Knockout, Durandel, Angular, and other MVVM/data binding frameworks
    • node.js, OWIN, and other server-side frameworks
    • Calling services via AJAX
  • Design
    • Core HTML5: new concepts, new tags, and enhancements to old ones
    • CSS 3
    • CSS animations
    • Rich media in HTML5 with the audio and video tags
    • 2D drawing/animation the canvas tag and SVG


  • “One ASP.NET”
  • Web Forms
  • Visual Studio web developer tooling (built-in, add-ons, testing)

Cloud Computing

  • Includes cloud, server and messaging technologies
  • Windows Azure, Amazon Web Services, Marketplace
  • Windows Azure new features, including Azure Web Sites, VMs and third-party Azure-hosted NoSQL databases and other tools
  • WCF

Windows Phone

  • Windows Phone 8 (or latest) Development
  • Tablet+Phone tandem development for Windows 8/Windows Phone 8 (or latest)
  • C++/DirectX native development for WP8 (or latest)
  • Using Expression Blend for WP
  • Managing push notifications
  • Developing Web apps optimized for WP
  • Monetizing your app on the WP store

Cross-Platform Mobile Development

  • Xamarin development
  • HTML Mobile Framework (PhoneGap, Icenium, etc.) development
  • iOS, Android development
  • Mobile web
  • Smartphone, tablet, and touch-based HTML5 development
  • jQuery Mobile and other mobile UI frameworks
  • Bandwidth optimization and other mobile client concepts
  • Chrome app development

Submit your proposals here:

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